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One on One Baking Lessons

Have you been wanting to learn how to bake or decorate a cake? I'd love to help you learn!

Each class is approximately 2 hours and held in my home kitchen.


Bake a Cake $125

  • In this class you will learn how to follow a recipe, measure out ingredients and tell when to take your cake out of the oven along with many other fundamentals to baking a delicious and moist cake!

  • Learn how to make simple American buttercream for your cake and the basics of how to decorate.

  • Enjoy some light snacks and refreshments during our class. 

  • Take home a simply decorated but delicious cake.


Decorate a cake $100

  • In this class you will learn how to make American Buttercream and Swiss Meringue Buttercream and the difference between the two frostings.

  • Learn how to crumb coat and add a final coat of frosting to your cake.

  • Practice piping a border with different frosting tips.

  • Learn how to make a chocolate drip.

  • Enjoy some light snacks and refreshments during our class.

  • Take home a beautifully decorated cake.


Make Macarons $75

  • In this class you will learn how to make French Macarons by learning how to make meringue and a delicious buttercream filling.

  • Enjoy some light snacks and refreshments during our class.

  • Take home some macarons with you.

Contact me for available dates.

Workshops are booked on first come first served basis.

Class payments are non-refundable and full payment is required in order to save your place.

I understand that life brings many surprises and sometimes people must cancel their workshop. Everything is prepared ahead of time for you and when you sign up for a workshop you occupy a seat that someone could have booked. If you cannot attend you may send a substitute person in your place.  

Cake Decorating Party

A fun idea for a birthday party or for any occasion where you and your friends want to learn how to improve your cake decorating skills. Book me to come to your party and share with you and your guests the skills I've learned to help you become a better cake decorator. 

And enjoy some delicious cake along the way!

I supply all the cake, frosting and tools needed to decorate your masterpiece!

Party Package One -

Decorating Cupcakes

4-12 guests  ~  $45 per guest

Party Package Two -

Decorating a Simple Cake

4-12 guests  ~ $75 per guest

Party Package Three -
Decorating a Fancy Cake

4-12 guests ~ $100 per guest

  • Choose your cupcake and frosting flavors

  • Decorate and take home 6 cupcakes

  • Learn how to decorate with some pretty piping

  • One 6 inch 2 layer cake per person

  • Vanilla cake with vanilla American buttercream

  • Learn the basics of a crumb coat and final layer of frosting

  • Learn some basic piping skills

  • One 6 inch 4 layer per person

  • Choose your cake and frosting flavors

  • Learn the basics of leveling and stacking a cake

  • Learn how to crumb coat and add the final coat of frosting

  • Learn how to make chocolate drip

  • Learn a few easy piping skills

  • Learn how to add a stencil and extra decorations on to your cake


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